Mark E Swetz MD CBPCC

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Dr. Mark E Swetz MD

Dr. Mark E. Swetz, MD PC

Clinical Care Coordinator.......Maria Swetz, RN

Dr. Mark E. Swetz, MD, PC
3065 Southwestern Boulevard
Suite 206
Orchard Park, NY  14127

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:00p

Friday 7:30a-3:00p

Dr Swetz is Accepting New Patients

Phone Number:  716.674.1414 Fax number:   716.674.1473

After hours please call our regular phone for instructions.

We do not accept credit, debit or flex cards.  We take cash or check only & will gladly provide a receipt to patients so they can get re-imbursed by their employer or flex plan.

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We run a backup every night beginning at 11:59pm and it usually runs for about 6 hours.


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Patient Centered Medical Home

How does a Medical Home work?

The medical home concept is based on teamwork – teamwork between physicians and their clinical staff, primary care physicians and specialists, and clinical teams and their patients. Together, the members of your team using evidence-based guidelines,  focus on the care and services you need and help you achieve the outcomes you want to accomplish.

Access: Your care team is available if you need them.  We will be ready to respond when you have questions or concerns.

Communication:You will be in close contact with the members of your care team – in person, by telephone, by email, etc. – so that we can properly coordinate and monitor the care you are receiving, track your progress and make sure that everyone involved in your care is on the same page.

Patient Involvement:   You are an important part of your care team.  We will work with you to help you understand your condition and how to take care of yourself. Back to Top

Welcome to "Patient Portal"
You will now be able to securly check your lab results, update records, make appointments,refill prescriptionsand much more.

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